Bait specificity in Hook and line fishery of River Ganga and associated conservation issues

Das, Basanta Kumar; Manna, Ranjan Kumar; Ray, Archisman ; Samanta, Puspendu ; -, Aprajita ; Bhowmik, Tuhin Subhro; Baitha, Raju ; Paul, Samir Kumar; Behera, Sandeep Kumar


Recent survey in lower 1,110 km stretch of River Ganga regarding ‘hook and line’ fishery revealed that fishers apply their inherited indigenous knowledge for selection of bait to harvest finfish and shellfish from river water. A total number of 26 different types of baits under 07 categories were recorded. Six varieties of fish species and four types of insects are found to be prevalent for catching carnivorous fishes. Five specially modified indigenous types of bait moulded with fish attractants were also documented. Bait-fish species association in hook and line fishery of river Ganga is discussed. Feeding habits of the target fishes was compared with the type of baits employed. Conservation issues associated with hook and line fishery is highlighted along with possible remedial measures. Different varieties of hook & line fishery which are in operation in river Ganga are briefly described. Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) associated with hook & line fishery needs to be properly documented and preserved for developing and encouraging ‘sport fishery’ in River Ganga.


Bait-fish relationship; Conservation; Hook & line; ITK; River Ganga; Sport fishery

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