HPLC profiling conclusively distinguished two important Unani drugs, namely, Suranjan Shirin (Colchicum autumnale) and Suranjan Talkh (Colchicum luteum)

Siddiqui, Mohammad Zakir; Ahmad, Ghufran ; Amin, Kr Mohammad Yusuf; Akhtar, Sada ; Rehman, Azizur


Suranjan (colchicum) is one of the prime drugs used for arthritis in Unani System of Medicine. Two varieties of the drug are available in the market under the name of Suranjan; one is Suranjan Shirin (Colchicum autumnale) and the other is Suranjan Talkh (Colchicum luteum). The two varieties are often confused with each other due to morphological resemblance. So there is a need to set a distinction between these two varieties of Suranjan. For this purpose the marker compound (Total Alkaloid Content) were estimated quantitatively and the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) was conducted on both the drugs. 3 g of the powdered drug was extracted in petroleum ether and dissolved in 6 mL of 75% ethanol to yield test sample. Methanol at a flow rate of 1 mL/min was used as a standard. The peaks eluted were detected at 254 nm and compared with the authentic standard at 3.2 min of retention time. The colchicine concentration was found to be higher in Suranjan Talkh (0.21%) as compared to the Suranjan Shirin (0.15%). Therefore the present study offers a phytochemical concentration criterion, namely, colchicine content to distinguish between Suranjan Shirin (Colchicum autumnale) and Suranjan Talkh (Colchicum luteum).


Colchicine; Colchicum autumnale; Colchicum luteum; HPLC; Suranjan Shirin; Suranjan Talkh

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