Management of red pumpkin beetle, Aulacophora foveicollis (Lucas) with traditional method of dusting with dung ash in cucurbits

Chandi, Ravinder Singh; Kaur, Amandeep ; Aggarwal, Naveen


Efficacy of dung ash was evaluated against red pumpkin beetle in cucumber, musk melon and bottle gourd crops during 2018 and 2019 at Entomological Research Farm, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. After germination, dung ash was dusted on plants 1, 2, 3 and 4 times at weekly interval. Significant decline in adult population in all the treatments was observed as compared to control. Lowest mean adult population was observed in plots which were dusted with ash three to four times at weekly interval and higher percentage reduction compared to control in these treatments was observed. In all the three crops, highest mortality of plants was observed in control during both the years. With three dung ash applications given at weekly interval, an additional yield of 84.33, 98.85 and 254.40 q/ha was obtained in cucumber, musk melon and bottle gourd, respectively. The net return over control with dung ash treatments was also found better in all the three crops. Based on this study, it is concluded that red pumpkin beetle can be managed effectively with dusting of dung ash on the plants 3-4 times at weekly interval. This management technique has the prospective to be utilised as an alternate to harmful chemical insecticides in IPM programmes.


Bottle gourd, Cucumber, Dung ash, Musk melon, Red pumpkin beetle

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