Participation of women in traditional pig farming in North bank plain zone of Assam

Borah, Sanjib ; Talukdar, Reema ; Soren, Simson ; Gogoi, Jayashree ; Barman, Kanak Chandra; Tamuli, Uma Ram


A study was undertaken to know the socio-economic status of women pig farmers, pig rearing system, feeding management, annual income from piggery and constraints faced by women farmers and involvement and contribution of women in backyard piggery in Lakhimpur and Dhemaji district under North bank plain zone of Assam. A total of 577 women farmers involved actively in pig farming were randomly selected and interviewed with a standard questionnaire. Involvement of married (40.9%) and middle aged women (26-35 years) with formal education adopted piggery through low input traditional management practices for fattening purpose (49.04%). The management system followed was scavenging
system (47.05%). Kitchen waste and leftover of local rice beer along with rice bran were the common feeds offered to pigs. The major constraints to women involvement in pig farming was found to be inadequate capital (37.43%) followed by high cost of medication and commercial ration (28.94%) and pre-occupation with household chores (17.67%). The average age at puberty of pig (16.55±0.11 months) was longer. The average weight gain (2.31±0.01 kg/month), litter size at birth (10.57±0.13) and litter size at weaning (5.76±0.14) were poor. It was found that 70% of the women farmers could generate
medium level of annual income (40-50 thousand) followed by 19.5% with high level income (>50 thousand). The study recommended that easy access to credit facilities from the financial institution and improve technical skills on pig farming may increase the level of involvement and help in doubling the annual income of the women piggery farmers. Backyard piggery may act as way of women empowerment in rural areas and enhance the socio-economic status of the women in piggery.


Farming; Feed; Women; Traditional

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