Indigenous storage of food grains and seeds in mid hills of Jammu division of Jammu & Kashmir.

Sharma, Bhagwati Charan; Slathia, Parladh Singh; Kumar, Rakesh ; Paul, Narinder


Indigenous food- grain and seed storage practices are location specific and economical for farmers especially for resource poor farmers. Therefore a research pursuit was undertaken to identify, collect and document different traditional storage practices followed by the farmers of Bachhal, Katwalt, Marothi, Chillar, Bashat, Gori Kund Sudh-mahadev villages of Chenani block of Udhampur District and Machhedi, Nongalla, Sukral, villages of Kathua District of Jammu and Kashmir. Data were collected from key-informants particularly from aged farmers by employing different participatory rural appraisal techniques. In the present paper important existing traditional grain and seed storage practices adopted by the mid hills farmers have been discussed in detail that how these traditional practices help in keeping grains in good quality after harvesting.


Indigenous storage, Post harvest losses, Foodgrains, Kothar, Dall, Storage pests

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