An ethnomedicinal field survey report on traditionally used plants by the Nepalese of Alubari Jungle Busty in Darjeeling Himalaya as potential immunity booster and fever-related herbal drugs

Panda, Subhasis ; Thami, Jai Kumar


As a result of several ethnobotanical field visits in and around Alubari Jungle Busty of Darjeeling Himalaya from August 2012 till May 2019, mostly new ethnic uses of different plant parts including dosimetry of 24 wild plant species were documented. Documentation was based on oral interviews with experienced and elderly Nepalese people mainly in respect to immunity boosters and instant remedies against fevers including COVID-19. Some plant parts which were also used by the Nepalese of Alubari Jungle Busty as blood purifiers, lowering high blood pressure, energy provider during a long walk, diarrhoea, chronic piles, bronchitis, asthma, throat pain, cold and cough, were also documented. Present work also embodies botanically authenticated binomial names of documented wild plant species, vernacular names, knowledge informants, voucher information, live photographic documentation and study area map.


Ethnomedicinal plants, Nepalese, Darjeeling, Antiviral and nonviral fevers, Immunity booster, COVID-19

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