Comparative performance and ergonomic assessment of different types of weeder for better adaptability of machine

DHANGER, PARVEEN ; Mor, Aman ; Bansal, N K; Bhadu, Sushil ; Karwasra, Nitin


The research was planned to predict the performance and ergonomic assessment of different types (tractor operated weeder, the engine operated inter-row rotary weeder, tractor-drawn high clearance cultivator, and manual hand hoe) of weeder in cotton crop.  The study will help the farmers to purchase good quality weeder.  The experimental study consists of five treatments. Weeding operations have been done at three stages (pre-square, square, and flowering) of the cotton crop and the performance parameter was recorded. The highest weeding efficiency was found in manual hand hoe (Kasola) with 85.50-89.59% whereas efficiency varied from 74-76% in tractor operated weeders. Crop parameters were also recorded. Plant height and canopy at the flowering stage differ significantly and plant height was found significant at the square stage also. In all treatments, after weeding pulse rate varies from 104-122 beats/min. The engine operated power weeder resulted in more blood pressure (142/90)  than the manual weeder(135/88). So resulted obtained from the research, the tractor operated inter-row rotary weeder (M2) was found best and recommended.


Cotton, Crop parameter, Hand hoe, Pulse rate, Weeder

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