An attempt to solve the taxonomical conflicts in Basella alba L.

Deshmukh, S A; Gaikwad, D K


Basella alba is a perennial climber with great medicinal potential. The plant is widely used as a green leafy vegetable. There are two forms which are distributed throughout the Southern Asian sub-continent. These forms differ in stem colour, one is green and the other has reddish purple coloured stem. Different workers have different opinions in related with the taxonomy of the Basella alba. Some mentioned these two as single species, some as separate species while some have mentioned as the different varieties or cultivars. Henceforth morphological, anatomical, palynological, stomatographic and seed surface studies were undertaken to overcome the taxonomical conflicts. The results supports the opinion as per the IPNI, that both these belongs to the same species, i.e., alba. Further molecular studies will elucidate the taxonomical conflicts within the Basella.


Basella; Forms; Taxonomy

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