Public perception towards homeopathy in Tamil Nadu, India

Vetriselvan, V ; Yoganandan, G


In recent scenario one of the rapidly growing systems of medicine and is being practiced almost all over the world. Consumer perception clear as the method of consumer frequently view or sense the about certain the products and services. In the objectives of this research aims at de-constructing the awareness and perception of homeopathy, from the point of view of its general public and the need for the study, determination help the general public and society to have a look at future prospects of the public. Non-probability convenience sampling was used to collect responses. Finally, 60 sample questionnaires used for data analysis purposes. In this research carried out to investigate whether homeopathy put into practice has reached the public and their perception regarding homeopathy medicines. The media has campaigns that should restrain interviews of homeopathy remedies and the results are finished successful trials. The government ought to create further awareness of conventional medicines toward the public and it is extremely important to the feature.


Awareness; Homeopathy; Perception; Services; Traditional medicine

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