Chemical variability in gymnemagenin, deacyl gymnemic acid, lupeol and stigmasterol of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. populations in India

Rastogi, Subha ; Pandey, Madan M; Vaishnav, Kanchana ; Meena, Baleshwar ; Singh, Devendra ; Rana, Tikam S


Variability in chemical composition of Gymnema sylvestre R.Br. (Apocynaceae) sampled from different bio-geographical regions of India was investigated. The impact of geographic conditions on gymnemagenin, deacylgymnemic acid, lupeol and stigmasterol content variability was studied by using chromatographic analysis. HPLC analyses showed gymnemagenin and deacylgymnemic acid content to vary between 10.19-23.38 µg/mg and 4.70-35.42 µg/mg (w/w dry weight plant material) respectively, while lupeol and stigmasterol were found to range from 0.57 to 10.8 µg/mg and 0.25 to 15.6 µg/mg (w/w in methanolic extract) respectively, by HPTLC. Taking into account the importance of geographical origin and climatic conditions that significantly affect the production and accumulation of secondary metabolites, the selected accessions/germplasms of G. sylvestre with high concentration of biologically potential phytoconstituents could be useful to industries for harvesting optimum levels of bioactive antidiabetic agent gymnemic acids and other sterols. These elite accessions/germplasms could be promoted and used for mass propagation and cultivation to ensure sustained supply of quality raw material for herbal drug industries, companies and entrepreneurs involved in the profession of medicinal plants and as secondary source of income generation to farmers.



Deacylgymnemic acid, Geographical Variation, Gymnema sylvestre, Gymnemagenin, Lupeol, Stigmasterol


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