Traditional plant-based artifacts of Odisha

Sahu, Sudam Charan; Das, Ankita


The state of Odisha, formerly known as “Utkal” is a land of enchanting beauty, art, culture and it houses exquisite handicrafts made by different groups of artisans who have traditionally specialized in craft making. The field surveys were conducted during the year 2019-21 to explore the skill and knowledge of craft preparation from plant materials. A total of 46 plant species belonging to 39 genera and 21 families were documented for 73 types of artifacts preparation. Out of these 46 species, 24, 21 and 1 species were monocots, dicots and gymnosperm, respectively. They were categorised under herb (20 species) followed by tree (19 species), shrub (4 species) and climber (3 species). Data were collected through openended/structured/semi-structured interviews with artisans of different districts of Odisha. The artistic skills of Odia artists are well known in the world. Each article is aesthetically pleasing and reflects the creativity of the artisan and is a representative of local culture and tradition. There should be awareness among people to appreciate the craft products and craftsmanship to preserve this threatened traditional knowledge bestowed to us.


Artisans, Odisha, Plant origin, Traditional handicrafts

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