Integrative Therapy based on Yoga, Ayurveda and Modern Western Medicine for treatment of high-risk cases of COVID-19: A telemedicine-based case series

Bentur, Sumitra A; Mishra, Alka ; Kumar, Yogesh ; Thakral, Sonika ; Sanjiv, Sanjiv ; Garg, Rahul


We report a telemedicine-based case-series of 30 mild/moderate (classification based on guidelines by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India) COVID-19 patients, treated using Integrative Therapy based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Modern Western Medicine, i.e., MWM (allopathy). Cases were high-risk owing to comorbidities like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Ulcerative colitis, Chronic Kidney Disease and/or age above 60. The cases have been categorized into YAS (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment, with possibly allopathic Supplements: 4 patients), YASP (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment, with possibly allopathic Supplements and Paracetamol: 6 patients), YAM (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment, and MWM as adjunct: 6 patients), MYA (first tried MWM, later switched to Yoga-Ayurveda: 14 patients). Based on each patient’s symptoms and co-morbidities, a personalized treatment plan including Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga protocol, dietary recommendations and lifestyle modifications was prescribed by a registered Ayurveda doctor and a Yoga consultant. More than half of symptomatic patients started improving within 5 days (90% within 9 days); more than 60% reported at least 90% recovery within 10 days. Six patients with oxygen saturation (SpO2) below 95%, benefited through Makarasana and Shithilasana; none progressed to composite endpoints (consisting of admission to Intensive Care Unit, invasive ventilation or death). Considering that approximately 19.3% of the patients with these comorbidities progress to composite end points, the p-value is 7.21 x 10−3. The Integrative Therapy, incorporating Yoga and Ayurveda with MWM, may offer an economical, scalable treatment option for COVID-19 by reducing burden on healthcare facilities and preventing risk-exposure of healthcare workers.


Ayurveda; COVID-19; Integrative therapy; Yoga

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