Vol 39, No 1-4 (2019)

Journal of Indian Association For Environmental Management (JIAEM)

Table of Contents

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Editorial PDF
Editor in Chief: Complexities of Environment Management in India: Did we do Enough!! PDF
Environmental Evaluation of Economic Growth: An Agenda for Change PDF
International Benchmarking for Water Infrastructure PDF
Sonwane, D G; Tomar, Bijendra Singh 1-3
Application of Nanofluids in CO2 Capture and Extraction from Waste Water PDF
Thakur, Parag ; Sonawane, Shriram S 4-8
Assessment of water and soil quality along the coastal region of Mangaluru PDF
Kiran, D A; Ramaraju, H K 9-13
Development and implementation of Water Safety Plan at peri-urban village in India: A case study PDF
Hajare, R ; Nagarnaik, P ; Khadse, G ; Labhasetwar, P 14-17
Machine Learning Model to Predict Potential Fishing Zone PDF
Mudliar, Swaroop Laxmi; Shashank, Sai ; Chandak, M 18-20
Review on Application of nanofluid/Nano Particle as Water Disinfectant PDF
Malika, Manjakuppam ; Sonawane, Shriram S 21-24
Examining Temporal Change and Prediction of Future Land Use Using Geospatial Approach: A Case Study of Talpona River Watershed in Goa, India PDF
Panandiker, Ashwini Pai; Gude, Shubham ; Venkatesh, B ; Kotha, Mahender ; Chachadi, A G 25-29
Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station- Environment Management Perspectives PDF
Yeul, V ; Dafade, M S; Gutte, M B; Shiwankar, D M; Dange, C M; Borkar, V R; Ghuge, R S 30-32
Green Building and Indoor Air Quality: Sustainable Approach PDF
Zargar, Santosh 33-34

Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management (JIAEM)