Experimental Performance of Mobile Robotic System by Involving IoT Technique

Jain, Ravi Kant


In this paper, a concept for the mobile robotic system by using enabling IoT technique is described and architecture for enabling the mobile robotic system using web application is also discussed. The mobile robotic system is controlled through web-based applications and the air quality of the environment is also measured. A node Micro Controller Unit (node MCU) for wireless communications is used which is interacted with robots and their microcontroller. This node MCU uploads the data to the cloud network system. The robot can be remotely controlled using web applications and data are sent and stored in the cloud successfully. By demonstrating the robotic system capabilities, it is revealed that web-based applications can be used for controlling and monitoring the robotic system, and data can be stored which can be accessed from anywhere through mobile android applications. Thus, this gives an affordable solution for accessing/monitoring the pipelines/tunnels of coal mines, oil pipelines, etc. where the exploitation of the human being is very difficult. The use of the IoT cloud also facilitates storing data which leads to a new generation of the robotic system.


Cloud platform, Sensor integration, Web-based application, Wireless communications

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