Vol 81, No 05 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Waste Utilization & Management

Flavonoid Composition and Antioxidant Efficacy of Citrus Peels: An Integrated in vitro and in silico Approach toward Potential Neuroprotective Agents

Sharma, Pallavi ; Dadwal, Vikas ; Rahmatkar, Shubham Nilkanth; Gupta, Mahesh ; Singh, Damanpreet 445-454

Synthesis and Characterization of Edible Films from Garlic(Allium sativum) Husk Components

Kumar, Anand ; Patel, Gopesh ; Dwivedi, Madhuresh ; Hashmi, Salman ; Pradhan, Rama Chandra 455-461

Mechanical Engineering

Optimizing of Wear Performance on Elevated Temperature of ZrO2 Reinforced AMCs Using Weighted Superposition Attraction Algorithm

Simsek, Dogan ; Ozyurek, Dursun ; Ileri, Erol ; Akpinar, Sener ; Karaoglan, Aslan Deniz 462-474

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Polyamine Elicitation of Quercetin and Rutin Production in Callus Cultures of Caper and Impact to Regeneration

Coşkun, Yasemin ; Yaman, Vildan 475-481

Computer Science & Information Technology

Efficient Weed Segmentation with Reduced Residual U-Net using Depth-wise Separable Convolution Network

Arun, R Arumuga; Umamaheswari, S 482-494

Load Based Dynamic Priority Arbiter for NoC Architecture

Parvathi, S ; Umamaheswari, S 495-504

Deep Learning based Load Forecasting with Decomposition and Feature Selection Techniques

Subbiah, Siva Sankari ; Senthil Kumar, Paramasivan 505-517

Rigorous Design of Fault Tolerance and Recovery Algorithm for Disaster Management and Relief Distribution System using Event-B

Yadav, Pooja ; Suryavanshi, Raghuraj ; Yadav, Divakar 518-529

Energy Technology & Management

Design and Development of Micro Off-grid Inverter for Solar Photovoltaic System using Proteus Simulation

Kumar, Sonu ; Sethuraman, Chelliah Pillai ; Chandru, Gopi 530-539

Mining Engineering

Additive Enhances Iron Ore Reducibility and Pig Iron Productivity

Mondal, Shyamal Kumar; Pathak, Devendra Deo; Jagdish, Jagdish Jagdish; Singh, Raj Shekhar 540-548

Chemical Technology

Development of Phytosterol Enriched Functional Edible oils: Study of Physical, Chemical, Thermal and Structural Properties

Pavani, Mekala ; Singha, Poonam ; Singh, Sushil Kumar 549-560

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research