Journal of Scientific Temper (JST)

Journal of Scientific Temper (JST) is a quarterly journal which publishes articles in the area of scientific temper and public understanding of science. The Journal is devoted to publication of original research in the area of public understanding and attitudes towards science and technology: survey studies, scientific and extra-scientific belief systems, science and education, science popularisation, science fiction, history and philosophy of science, science and media, role of science exhibitions, science centres, science museums and science and technology in developing countries. The articles published in the journal are a strong advocate of the development of scientific temper among various sections of society across the globe.


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Vol 2, No 3 & 4 (2014): Journal of Scientific Temper

Table of Contents


China - Picking up Threads from a Strong Tradition of Scholarship PDF
Raza, Gauhar


Civic Scientific Literacy Survey in China PDF
Wei, He ; Lei, Ren ; Chao, Zhang
Construction and Analysis of the Index of the Construction Capacity of Civic Science Literacy in China PDF
Lei, Ren ; Feng, Zhang ; Xiaoyan, Guo
Evolution of Science Popularization Policy in China PDF
Huiliang, Zhang
Science Communication in Context of China: Reducing the Regional Imbalance PDF
Xuan, Liu ; Junping, Hu
An Overview of Theoretical Researches on Science Communication and Popularization in China PDF
Zhao, Lixin ; Zhang, Feng


The Important Role of Popular Science Activities for Emergency in Response to Focal Events in China PDF
Dan, Wu
‘Four S’: The Gist of Science Communication in Modern China
Honglin, Li


Review of National Conference on the Theoretical Study of Science Popularization: Theoretical and Practical Studies of Science Popularization PDF
Hongbin, Gao ; Jingling, Fu ; Honglin, Li ; Jie, Ren


A Review of Popular Science Books for Public PDF
Shunke, Shi

Journal of Scientific Temper (JST)