Design and Analysis of Decagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber with Elliptical air hole core for liquid sensing

Panwar, Kuntal ; Sharma, Ritu ; Sharma, Varshali ; Saxena, Namrata ; Chaudhary, Santosh


In this paper, a decagonal geometry has been designed for liquid sensing. The liquid analytes that are sensed are ethanol, benzene and water as they are the most used analytes in the chemical and biological industries. Firstly, a simple decagonal structure is designed and  and sensitivity of this structure is calculated. Then, the core structure is modified and decagonal, octagonal and hexagonal geometries are constructed inside the core with circular holes. Lastly, these circular holes are replaced by elliptical holes. All the designed layouts are analysed and compared. The sensitivity obtained is of the order 40-50 % and confinement loss of order which shows that these structures can be used for sensing ethanol, water and benzene and are reliable. For benzene, water and ethanol, the decagonal structure with core comprised of decagonal geometry, made up of elliptical holes (x as major axis), gives the best results. For this geometry, the values are 1.379, 1.317 and 1.313 for benzene, ethanol and water respectively. The sensitivity values obtained are 51.94%, 46.95%, and 44.45% and confinement loss value is , and  respectively.


Photonic crystal fiber, index guiding mechanism, sensitivity, confinement loss

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