Characteristic investigations of cutting-force measuring dynamometers

Khan, Shahroz Akhtar; Azam, Mohammad Sikandar; Chattopadhyay, Somnath ; Kumar, Harish


Despite having significant role to measure the forces in tillage, medical and various diagnostic studies, force dynamometers are extensively employed in cutting-force monitoring and measurement. In this paper, an investigation of various cutting-force measuring dynamometers based on characteristics and design has been carried out. Characteristic based investigation helps in deciding about various important parameters in the development of cutting-force measuring dynamometers. Literature available has been studied to cleanly select the characteristic of dynamometer that govern their fundamental design. Various characteristics of dynamometer materials have been discussed. Shape of deforming elements used by researchers in the development of dynamometer has been discussed. Sensing elements that are often used in the development of cutting force measuring dynamometers have been studied with relative merits. Process of calibration for dynamometer with its importance has also been considered. Various metrological features obtained by researchers have been discussed and conformity of calibration procedure to standards like ISO 376 along with IS: 4169-1988 have been considered. The present work will give a newer insight to the researchers in the field benefitting them to understand the characteristic parameters, to make decision in their selection correctly and to have the knowledge of procedural design for the same.


Cutting force dynamometer, Ring theory, Calibration

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