Use of electronic waste plastic in asphalt mix with marble dust as filler

Sinha, Rohan ; Kumar, Saksham ; Garg, Sarthak ; Prasad, Narad Muni


E-waste is becoming burgeoning global issue, which showcases the impacts of the same on environment and on humans. Marble cutting industries is another industry producing huge amount of marble dust as a waste which is degrading the environment. E-waste and waste marble dust can be utilized in construction industry in different forms thus helps in reducing its impact on environment. In this analysis, electronic waste plastic materials including recycled PCB’s and other PVC components of e-waste has been used as a partial replacement for coarse aggregates and marble dust is used as complete replacement for filler in asphalt mix for pavement. A significant increase of Marshall Stability and Flow Value has been observed as percentage of e-waste plastic increases. The plastic content of mix varies 0 %, 4 %, 8 % and 12 % by weight of aggregate. Plots of various Marshall Parameters such as Marshall Stability, Flow value, voids filled with bitumen, voids in mineral aggregates and unit weight against the bitumen content shows an improving trend of parameters with increasing the plastic replacement. Comparison with earlier published result shows that increasing the plastic replacement beyond 12% will have a negative influence on stability value. The recycling of e-waste plastic and marble dust in asphalt mix design for pavements provide us a better way of resource utilization in a cost-effective manner.


Asphalt mix, Bitumen, E-waste, Flow values, Marble dust, Marshall properties, Stability value

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