Microstructure, mechanical and wear behaviour of Al7075/SiC aluminium matrix composite fabricated by stir casting

Bhowmik, Abhijit ; Dey, Dipankar ; Biswas, Ajay


Application of particulate reinforced composite is being emphasized day by day due to its modified strength, high hardness, less weight, and ductility. This paper deals with the behaviour of physical, mechanical and tribological properties of aluminium matrix composite reinforced by micro-sized silicon carbide particles (in a various quantity such as 0, 3, 6 and 9 wt.%) prepared by stir casting fabrication process. With the increase in weight percentage of SiC reinforcement, the density of composite improves from 2.76 gm/cc to 2.83 gm/cc, and the porosity of composite reduces from 1.78% to 0.56%. UTS and Hardness of SiC particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites developed from 140 MPa to 205 MPa and 66 HV to 84 HV respectively. Microstructure reveals that strong bonding develops between matrix and reinforcement in terms of strength and hardness in all the formed composites compared to its matrix material. Comparatively less wear is observed with enhancing SiC content conducted by the pin on disc dry sliding wear test for all the formed composites.


Aluminium, Stir casting, SiC, Wear rate, Mechanical properties

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