Characteristics of crushed and alternative fine aggregates based on flow, shear and impact behaviour

M C, Nataraja ; S, Tejas ; Kulkarni, Rohit R


Crushed sand was found to be an excellent replacement for river sand as the latter is not readily available. As a part of sustainable construction methods and practices, industrial by- products such as copper slag, cinder etc., can be used as alternative sand. In this work an attempt has been made to study the performance of crushed stone sand for its flow properties based on large sample analysis. For this 30 samples of crushed sand are procured from different sources. In addition few alternative sands are also considered for the analysis which includes copper slag, Ennore sand and two types of cinders. The parameters tested are flow time based on New Zeeland flow cone, loose bulk density, uncompacted voids and specific gravity. In order to enhance the performance of the poor crushed sand, different samples of crushed sands are blended which results in acceptable flow characteristics. Similar exercise is done for alternative sands by considering double or triple blending which finally resulted in good flow properties for use in concrete. In addition, few samples are tested and evaluated for their shear and impact behaviour. Conclusions are drawn based on the discussion of the results.


Flow time, Un-compacted air voids, alternative sands, blending of sand,

New Zeeland flow cone test, shear and impact behaviour

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