Vol 29, No 1 (2022)


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Review Articles

Metal oxides and its blended derivative’s coating for anti-corrosion application PDF
Mahajan, Vandana Neelkanth; sable, Mahendra Janardan; Patil, Suhas R. 9-17


Characteristics of crushed and alternative fine aggregates based on flow, shear and impact behaviour PDF
M C, Nataraja ; S, Tejas ; Kulkarni, Rohit R 18-28
Characterization of finished surface through thermal additive centrifugalabrasive flow machining for better surface integrity PDF
Walia, R S 29-44

Energy absorption behavior of tapered and ribbed thin-walled structures under compressive crushing forces

Tatlıer, Mehmet Seha 45-51
Multi-objective optimization of TW-ECSM process parameters for machining of advanced non-conducting material PDF
Rattan, Nav ; Mulik, Rahul S. ; Kaushik, Aakanksha J. ; Sharma, Satish Kumar 52-61
Investigation on Mechanical, Durability and Time-Dependent Properties of standard grade Recycle Aggregate ConcreteWith Pozzolanic material PDF
Kazmi, MD Athar; Meesaraganda, LV Prasad 62-70
The Effect Carbon Nanotube on Three-point Bending Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composite PDF
Kaboglu, Cihan 71-79
Multi Objective Study in Powder Mixed Near Dry Electric Discharge Machining by using Utility concept PDF PDF
Sundriyal, Sanjay ; Vipin, Vipin ; Walia, Ravinderjit Singh 80-91
Modelling and Analysis of Surface Roughness in Fused Deposition Modeling Based on Infill Patterns PDF
Patil, Pooja ; Raykar, Sunil Jaysing; Bhamu, Jaiprakash ; Singh, Dharmendra 92-99
Effects of quenching methods on shape memory properties of Cu-28Zn-3Al wt. % alloy produced by gravity casting PDF
Setyani, Atik ; Setiawan, Ignatius Andre; Pertiwi, Dwita Ratu Kusuma; Sofyan, Bondan Tiara 100-107
Effect of electroplating temperature on microstructure, corrosion and wear behavior of Ni-P-W-TiO2 coating PDF
Ebrahimifar, Hadi 108-115
Application of Kaizen Lean approach to Reduce Rejections and Failure Cost at Shop Floor of a Wire Harness Manufacturing Company PDF
Kumar, Pramod ; Singh, Dharmendra ; Bhamu, Jaiprakash 116-123
Evaluation of Pharmacological and Catalytic activity of CuO and Zn-Doped CuO Nanoparticles PDF
Saranya, Rishikesan ; Ali, Muhamath Basha Mubarak; Jeyalakshmi, Kumaramangalam 124-127
Machining Performance Analysis of Turning of Inconel 718 under Different Coolant Environment PDF
Raykar, Sunil J 128-136

Rapid Communication

Wake Characteristics of a Steam Turbine Rotor Tip Linear Cascade Blade in Subsonic Flow PDF
SITARAM, N. ; Prasad, BVSSS ; Yadav Pillala, Vital Kumar ; Purushothama, B. 137-143

Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences (IJEMS)