Friction stir processing of aluminum alloys

Singh, Pratap ; Kandikonda, Hans Raj


In most of the industries like automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, etc., surface composites play an important role as they enhancestrength, hardness, and microstructure. Friction Stir Processing is a solid-state surface alteration and surface engineering techniqueemployed for development of Metal Matrix Composite surfaces. It enables alteration of the surface, control of microstructure,enhancement of wear and improvement in mechanical properties. This process was first initiated with Al-based alloys forenhancing their mechanical properties and now extended to the fabrication of various other alloys also such as Mg, Ti, Cu, etc. Aneffort is made in this article to review the current trends and future scope of Al alloy composites using FSP including various FSPstrategies applied to improve surface characteristics, hardness, microstructure, enhancement of wear.


Friction stir processing, Composite material, Aluminum alloy

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