Wake Characteristics of a Steam Turbine Rotor Tip Linear Cascade Blade in Subsonic Flow

SITARAM, N. ; Prasad, BVSSS ; Yadav Pillala, Vital Kumar ; Purushothama, B.


Experimental investigations carried out on a steam turbine rotor tip linear cascade to determine the effect of Mach number on the flow and total pressure losses at zero degree of incidence are presented. Measurements include static pressure distribution on the blade surfaces and exit flow survey using a precalibrated five hole probe at the corresponding Mach number. The exit Mach number is varied from 0.27 to 0.52. The effect of Mach number on various parameters such as lift coefficient, total pressure loss coefficient, mass averaged exit flow parameters and wake parameters is found to be small with insignificant increase with Mach number. Wake self-similarity is observed for velocity profiles at all Mach numbers. The wake half widths and integral thicknesses increase slowly with Mach number. Shape factors are in the range of 1.1 to 1.4, indicating turbulent boundary layers on the suction and pressure surfaces of the blade.


Steam turbine rotor tip linear cascade blade, Mach number, Five hole probe, Blade static pressures, Total pressure losses

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