Effect of Internal Heat Source Modulations on the onset of Triple Diffusive Convection in Viscoelastic Liquids

Arshika, Noor ; Tarannum, Sameena ; S, Pranesh


The influence of sinusoidal (trigonometeric cosine) and non-sinusoidal wave forms (square, sawtooth and triangular) of internal heat source modulation on a triple diffusive convection in viscoelastic liquids has been investigated using a linear stability analysis. The triply diffusive layer of viscoelastic liquid is heated and salted with two solutes from below. An Oldroyd-B type model is taken into account for viscoelastic liquids. In order to regulate the onset of convection, internal heat source modulation is applied. Venezian approach has been considered to find the eigen value of the problem. It is shown that for smaller values of frequency of modulation, square wave form is more stable while sawtooth form is more stable for an increase in the values of frequency of modulation. The influence of various physical parameters pertaining to the problem has been reported. Limiting cases for viscoelastic liquids have been tabulated and the corresponding results for each of the wave form has been found. The paper presents the first work that considers trigonometeric cosine, square, sawtooth and triangular wave forms of internal heat source modulation.


Multi component convection, Internal heat source modulation, Venezian approach, Viscoelastic liquid

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