Vol 28, No 5 (2021)

IJEMS-October 2021

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Review Articles

Influence of industrial by-products on the behavior of geopolymer concrete forsustainable development
Gupta, Nakul ; Kishore, Kamal ; Saxena, Kuldeep Kumar; Joshi, Tilak C 433-445
Nitinol shape memory alloy spring
NATH, TAMESHWER ; Kumar, Sunil 446-453


Integrated TOPSIS-PROMETHEE-MOORA model for material selection of crankcase cover
Chawla, Sumit ; Singari, Ranganath M. 454-461
Thermal and acoustic performance of aerated concrete- cement fibreboard and bamboo buildings PDF
Singh, Siddharth ; Chourasia, Ajay ; Patel, Rajith ; Bisht, Ravindra Singh 462-471
Effect of acyl chloride functionalized carbon black on mechanical and thermal properties of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/polyaniline blend
Pal, Kaushik 472-479
Surrogate safety evaluation and validation with crash history for interurban midblock sections under heterogeneous traffic conditions in India
Puwara, Satbir Singh ; Rao, Amudapuram ; Velmuruganc, S 480-492
Performance enhancements in powder-mixed near-dry electric discharge machining
Sundriyal, Sanjay ; Vipin, Vipin ; Walia, Ravinderjit Singh 493-501
Experimental and finite element analysis of titanium based medial tibial condyle using incremental sheet metal forming
R, MOHANRAJ 502-508
Effect of Internal Heat Source Modulations on the onset of Triple Diffusive Convection in Viscoelastic Liquids PDF
Arshika, Noor ; Tarannum, Sameena ; S, Pranesh 509-519
Energy consumption analysis and cutting cost reduction strategies in granite cutting operations
Yurdakul, Murat 520-528
Phase I-Designing a biofeedback device for quadriceps re-education-bridging the gap in exercise compliance
Lakshmi Prabha.D; Oinam Robita Chanu; Anandhi.D; Ponmathi.P; Malarvizhi.D; Anusha.A 529-532
Machinability aspects in dry turning of Ti6Al4V alloy with HiPIMS coated carbide inserts
Joshi, Girish Gajanan; Kulkarni, Atul 533-541

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