Additive manufacturing: The significant role in biomedical and aerospace applications

Pant, Meena ; Pidge, Pritam ; Kumar, Harish ; Nagdeve, Leeladhar ; Moona, Girija


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an innovative approach to manufacturing, which has proved itself way too efficient and opening a new era for complex designs and lattice structures. AM is a bottom-up manufacturing process that builds parts by stacking one layer over another. It is often called 3D printing which directly prints the object via material addition instead of subtraction in conventional manufacturing methods. It has shown a tangible approach to mass customization and unhindered options to create a complex design part. It has proved itself in many industries like the biomedical industry, aerospace industry, manufacturing firms, and academic research purposes. This article has reviewed the advancement of AM in the aerospace and biomedical industry. 3D printing technology has been incorporated in the biomedical industry to produce customized design features and implants for specific applications and performance. Implants effect like corrosion and carcinogenic properties have been discussed in the human body. This paper also discussed the design flexibility of AM with the topological study of a specific part to reduce the weight for system efficiency in the aerospace industry


Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, Biomedical implants, Aerospace industry

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