Vol 28, No 4 (2021)

IJEMS-August 2021

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Assessment of geotechnical properties of lunar soil simulant’s for lunar missions
Prabu, Thannasi ; Venugopal, Indaram ; Muthukkumaran, Kasinathan 317-329
Additive Manufacturing: The Significant role in Biomedical and Aerospace applications PDF
Kumar, Harish ; Pant, Meena ; Pidge, Pritam ; Nagdeve, Leeladhar ; Moona, Girija 330-342


Designed and fabricated a low-cost E-Spun experimental tool for polymer processing

Chavan, Chetan ; Bhajantri, Rajashekhar Fakeerappa; Bulla, Soumya Siddalingappa; Kathiresan, Sakthipandi 343-349
Ground granulated blast furnace slag based Geopolymer Mortar activated with low concentration alkali PDF
Singh, Ashita ; Bhadauria, Sudhir Singh; Mudgal, Manish ; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar 350-357
Parametric optimization of yield percent of chitosan extracted from fish scale (Labeo rohita) through central composite design approach PDF
Datta, Deepshikha ; Mahto, Sumit ; Das, Bimal 358-373

Kinetics, absorption and diffusion mechanism of crosslinked Chitosan Hydrogels

Nangia, Sakshi ; Katyal, Deeksha ; Warkar, Sudhir G 374-384
Optimization of process parameters of TIG welding of duplex stainless steel without filler rod by grey-Taguchi method PDF
MONDAL, SANDIP ; PAL, PRADIP KUMAR; Nandi, Goutam 385-392
Effects of iron powder on properties of geopolymers subjected to different curing regimes PDF
Gulmez, Nihan ; Kockal, Niyazi Ugur 393-408

Accurate localization technique for stamping sheet metal parts with complex surfaces

Esener, Emre 409-419
Power system stability investigation through smart control of Micro grid and GUPFC PDF
Singh, Abinash ; Surjan, Balwinder Singh 420-425

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