Designed and fabricated a low-cost E-Spun experimental tool for polymer processing

Chavan, Chetan ; Bhajantri, Rajashekhar Fakeerappa; Bulla, Soumya Siddalingappa; Sakthipandi, Kathiresan


Nanoscale fiber processing involves advanced technology that is challenging to use and setup in the laboratory at low cost. To deal with such a dilemma, this experimental setup explores the notion that would stimulate researchers' curiosity about the polymer processing electrospinning tool. This study has presented a simple, precise, portable, cost-effective, and economical electrospinning setup as a learning resource that is well-suited, laid-back and requires intangible knowledge of fabricating and installation. This proposed instrument consists of two main units syringe pump and stationary collector. A medical grade syringe has been used as a pump sprayer to spray the fibers. Super arc 1000 kV high-voltage generator has been used for electrospinning setup. A flat copper plate has been used as an electrode to secure the fibers of the prepared viscous PVA solution. A set of experiments have been carried out to evaluate the performance of the proposed and described design. Surface morphology results have been examined by SEM at different magnifications, confirming the formation of fibers and the diameter of PVA fibers is 0.926 μm. XRD studies have been used to verify that the crystallinity increases by 23.22% to 25.54%, which shows a gradual optimization in mechanical properties.


E-Spun, Syringe pump, Cost-effective, PVA fibers

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