Influence of cutting conditions in drilling of CFRP/Al stacked composites

Koyyagura, Lakshmi Kala; Karanam, Prahlada Rao


Composite laminates are gorgeous for several applications such as aerospace and aircraft structural components due to their excellent properties. Typically, mechanical drilling has been important machining operation for components made of composite laminates. Nevertheless, laminated composites are considered as hard-to-machine material which results in low drilling efficiency and drilling-induced delamination which is undesirable. This paper reviews the experiments during drilling of CFRP/Al stacked and sandwich composites. The machinability facets of these material stacks has been generally used in aerospace applications, it has been studied based on impact of drill material, drill geometries, and drilling process parameters such as speed and feed. Composite material requires high spindle speed and low feed rate, whereas drilling aluminum requires stability between speedsto feed rate. The review reports essential results and gap in the collected literature for CFRP/Al stacked and sandwich composites. A compromise between several parameters is required during drilling of multi-material stacks. The problems and solutions allied to drilling of multi-material stacks are deliberated and the directions in which the research on drilling of multi-materials may be carried out are suggested in this paper. It is intended to assist readers to acquire a thorough view on mechanical drilling of laminated composite.


CFRP/Al stack, Drilling, Delamination, Thrust force, Drill type, Geometry

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