Design and investigation of Hybrid 2D codes for optical CDMA systems

Bharti, Manisha


Hybrid 2D codes have been designed, implemented and investigated for optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) system. For analysis, the codes that have been chosen in this manuscript are algebraically constructed codes, prime codes, hybrid W/T codes and optical orthogonal codes (OOCs). To investigate the performance of codes in detail, on-off keying method has been employed on all codes and combinatorial analysis has been implemented. Hard limiting error probability (HEP) and other hit probability equations have been mentioned to perform the analysis. Based on the performance analysis and simulation results, hybrid W/T code has outperformed all other optical family codes that have been taken into consideration. Emb-M/MPHC from hybrid W/T code family has shown lower bit error rate (BER) curves for increasing number of users count. The main attributes to its superior performance in comparison to all other codes have been its better code design and properties it possess.



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