An adaptive denoising approach to powerline interference reduction in ECG recording

Kumar, Manoharan Suresh; Krishnamoorthy, Ganapathy ; Vaithiyanathan, Dhandapani


The objective of this paper is to develop an adaptive denoising algorithm for the reduction of powerline interference (PLI) in electrocardiogram (ECG) recording. The problem of mode mixing and inability to deal with non-stationary characteristics have the major drawbacks posed by existing PLI removal techniques. The technique used in the proposed work has been combined with the concept of synchrosqueezing transform with an adaptive filter to overcome such limitations. The synchrosqueezing transform has facilitated as a mode decomposition tool to disintegrate the signal into a set of intrinsic mode functions and then applying adaptive filter on decomposition results to estimate PLI so as to recover noise free ECG. The performance assessment of the proposed techniques have been carried out with several established ECG database available in physio net and its adaptability to powerline frequency drift has also been studied. A comparative analysis has been conducted to validate the proposed techniques. Experimental results have suggested that the proposed SST based PLI reduction approaches provide better denoising effect than state of the art methods.


Synchrosqueezing transform, Adaptive filter, Intrinsic mode function, Powerline interference, Modified discrete cosine transform

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