Investigation on Mechanical, Durability and Time-Dependent Properties of standard grade Recycle Aggregate ConcreteWith Pozzolanic material

Kazmi, MD Athar; Meesaraganda, LV Prasad


Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromise the availability for future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability goals concentrate on the global challenges, including poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, climate change, peace and justice. Sustainable Construction is the utilization of materials and products in buildings and construction that will require less use of natural resources and boost the reusability of such materials and products for the same or similar purpose, thus reducing waste as well. In this research paper, experimental investigation were carried out to study the strength and durability properties of standard grade recycle aggregate concrete (RAC), namely M30 with constantly replacing 30% cement by fly ash throughout each sample, keeping all the materials quality and composition same and only replacing the different percentage of natural aggregate (NA) by recycle aggregate (RA) to study the properties of RAC. Concrete prepared by natural aggregate concrete (NAC), recycle Aggregate concrete made with 25% replacement of NA by RA (R25),50%  replacement of NA by RA (R50) ,75% replacement of NA by RA (R75) & 100% replacement of NA  by RA (R100) were tested.


Recycle Aggregate, Recycle Aggregate Concrete, Structural Concrete, Fly Ash, Strength of Concrete, Durability of Concrete, creep and shrinkage, rapid chloride permeability test (RCPT).

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