Anchoring the CFRP strengthening of concrete bridge decks: A comparison of methods

Shuai, Tian ; Zhenkun, Miao ; Bo, Sun


Debonding failures are a common problem in concrete bridge decks strengthened with adhesively attached carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips. Accordingly, in this study, rectangular concrete slabs strengthened with CFRP have been experimentally evaluated to simulate the strengthening of T-beam and box girder slabs. The resulting static load data have been used to compare the effects of four different anchoring methods in terms of crack distribution, deflection, reinforcing steel strain curve, and CFRP strain distribution. The most suitable bridge deck strengthening anchoring method has been then identified and analysed using extant strengthening design methods. The results show that the most practical anchoring method is the use of open CFRP strips attached with concentrated adhesive. The findings of this study indicate that when strengthening T-girder bridges, more than two CFRP anchorage strips should be evenly spaced within the extension of the anchorage length, while for box girder bridges, even more evenly spaced strips should be used. This research and its conclusions can be used as a reference for the improved design of bridge deck strengthening.


Bridge engineering, CFRP strengthening, Bridge deck strengthening, Strengthening anchoring method

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