Microstructure, texture, and mechanical properties of two-pass extruded Mg-5Li-1Al sheet

Li, Ruihong ; Jiang, Bin ; Chen, Zhijun ; Pan, Fusheng ; Zhang, Xiaomei


To overcome the difficult deformation of common Mg alloys, the Mg-5Li-1Al (wt %) alloy sheet with good strength-ductility balance has been successfully fabricated by two-pass extrusion at 280 °C. The microstructural evolution, texture, mechanical properties and stretch formability of the extruded sheets have been investigated. The results show that a refined microstructure can be obtained by two-pass extrusion due to dynamic recrystallization (DRX). The extruded sheet exhibits excellent formability with elongation to failure (FE) of 34% and Erichsen value of 4.82. The superior mechanical properties have been owing to both ultrafine DRX grains and weaken basal texture resulted from lithium addition.


Mg-Li alloy, Formability, Texture, Ductility, Extrusion

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