Effect of Nano-Silica on the Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of the Natural Rubber Latex Modified Concrete

Varghese, Marina Leyan; Babu, Richu John; R, Suraj Menon; Rajan, Reny ; Gopal, Vinayak Venu; Jacob, Ancheli Siby; Titus, Vinny Ann; Mathew, Mini ; George, Soney Chathukulam


The preparation and properties of latex modified concrete (LMC), nano silica modified concrete (nSMC) and silica-latex modified concrete (SLMC) have been investigated in this study. Properties like compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, thermal characteristics and water absorption have been evaluated. The 7-day compressive strength has increased 37% (30.15 N/mm2) after the inclusion of nano silica and latex. The composite has showed considerable improvements in splitting tensile strength (3.24 N/mm2), flexural strength (6.05 N/mm2) and thermal conductivity, while it lowered the water absorption rate. The property increase has been attributed to the pore filling and pozzolanic activity of nano silica and densification of matrix by natural rubber latex and nano silica. The results of this study have suggested that the addition of nano silica and latex could be a relevant technique toward conventional concrete as a key material along with energy efficient construction and building technology.


Concrete, Polymer, Nano-silica, Latex, Composite

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