Optimization of wear parameters for aluminium 4% fly-ash composites

Magibalan, Subramaniam ; Senthilkumar, Palanisamy ; Senthilkumar, Chinnamuthu ; Prabu, Muthusamy


Dry sliding wear behaviour of aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) prepared by stir casting with 4% as fly ash reinforcement has been studied in the work. Dry sliding wear tests have been conducted using a pin-on-disc wear-testing machine to study the effect of changeable process parameters such as load, time, and sliding velocity, which have been used as design variables on the output parameters wear rate (WR) and coefficient of friction (COF). Sensitivity analysis has been carried out to find out the most significant parameter that can be controlled to minimize the WR. Further, the wear parameters have been optimized using the technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) approach to reduce the WR. Therefore, this study offers useful insights to composite manufacturers, especially for automotive industries.


Aluminium Alloy 8011, Sensitivity analysis (SA), Response Surface Methodology (RSM), Wear rate (WR), TOPSIS

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