Effect of Ti reinforcement on the physical and mechanical properties of AZ91/Ti composites

Kumar, Naveen ; Bharti, Ajaya ; Saxena, Kuldeep K


Magnesium-metal matrix composites reinforced with ceramic materials (TiO2, SiC, B4C, Al2O3) have better mechanical strength as compared to pure magnesium but their ductility is very low. On the other hand, the Mg-based composites reinforced with carbonaceous (carbon nanotubes, graphite, graphene, etc.) reinforcements have better wear resistance; however, there are chances of agglomeration of reinforcement. To overcome the limitations mentioned above; the Mg based composites reinforced with metallic reinforcements (Ti) have prepared in the present work. The physical and mechanical properties of prepared Mg/Ti composites have diagnosed experimentally. The density (green and sintered), hardness, compressive stress, and ductility have increased with the addition of Ti to the Mg matrix. Reason for increase in the density and other mechanical properties after the addition of Ti to the Mg matrix is the increased compressibility, reduced porosity and proper mechanical bonding of Mg-Ti. The maximum hardness (47.5 BHN) and ultimate compressive strength (187 MPa) has obtained for Mg + 6% Ti composite.


AZ91 magnesium alloy, Compressive stress, Hardness, Powder metallurgy, Titanium reinforcement

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