Machining Performance Analysis of Turning of Inconel 718 under Different Coolant Environment

Raykar, Sunil J



The current aerospace industry demands materials with superior mechanical, thermal, chemical, and physical properties with lesser weights. Nickel-based alloys particularly Inconel 718 have many applications in the aerospace industry. Inconel is hard to cut metal alloy. In the current analysis turning experiments are carried on Inconel 718 under high-pressure coolant conditions, conventional flood cooling, and dry turning. With the above cutting environment analysis for forces, surface quality and wear of tool are carried out. Kistler cutting force dynamometers, High-resolution photography, and scanning electron microscopy are used asses cutting force, tool wear, and surface quality.  A significant drop in cutting force, radial, and tool wear are observed at high-pressure coolant. High-pressure coolant and dry turning give better results for surface finish. In particular machining with high-pressure coolant can improve the performance of the turning operation of Inconel 718.


Inconel 718; High-Pressure Coolant; Surface Roughness, Tool Wear, Cutting Forces

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