Beneficiation of Clays from Ramgarh-Naudiha Region of Sonbhadra District Uttar Pradesh, Impart Improved Properties for Ceramic Industries

Karmakar, Debiprasad ; Singh, Vartika ; Veerabhadrappa, Shetru Mallapa; Singh, Raghvendra ; Sharma, Lalit Kumar; Ghosh, Swapankumar


Chemical and physical properties of clay samples collected from the deposits in the Ramgarh-Naudiha of Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh were examined for their utilisation in ceramic industry. The raw clays from the deposits were found to be siliceous ball clays, contained less kaolinite, non-plastic and were unsuitable for making ceramic items. These clays have been subjected to standard beneficiation techniques which removed the free quartz. The beneficiated clays were less siliceous, had improved properties that can be used as partial replacement material in making ceramic items.


Ball clay, Beneficiation, Ceramics, Calcareous, Geology

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