Vol 29, No 3 (2022)


Table of Contents


Simplified micromechanics approach to analysis the performance of UD composites PDF
Godara, Surendra Singh; Mahato, Prashanta Kumar; Saxena, Kuldeep Kumar 299-306
Filler powder free joining of SAF 2507 using selective microwave hybrid heating technique PDF
Singh, Parminder ; Prajapati, Deo Raj; Sehgal, Shankar 307-311
Investigation of micro-hardness of H11 die steel using composite material electrodes in EDM PDF
Goyal, Praveen ; Kumar, Rajesh ; Kumar, Sanjeev ; Singh, Bharat 312-322
Evaluation of wind pressure on the low-rise buildings and surrounding terrainunder the influence of tornadolike vortex induced aerodynamic loads PDF
Moizuddin, Mohammed ; Goyal, Rajesh ; Gupta, Nakul ; Matsui, Masahiro 323-330
Recent advances in additive manufacturing for current challenges, materials and their applications PDF
Verma, Ajay Singh; Bisht, Atul ; Kant, Suman ; Bahl, Shashi 331-344
Thermal performance evaluation of cellulose fibre as building insulation material PDF
Pal, Ravinder Kumar; Goyal, Parveen ; Sehgal, Shankar 345-354
Influence of TAC/Ti/Si3N4 on mechanical and corrosion performance of AA7075 alloy matrix composite processed by stir processing route PDF
Kumar, J Pradeep; Smart, D S Robinson ; Saxena, Kuldeep Kumar 355-365
Experimental investigation for the dynamic characteristics of short natural fiber reinforced composite materials PDF
Pawar, Kartikay Singh; Bagha, Ashok Kumar; Bahl, Shashi ; Agarwal, Manoj Kumar 366-377
Application of graphite rods in producing Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) joints through the use of microwave radiation energy PDF
Handa, Vipin ; Goyal, Praveen ; Goyal, Shankar 378-384
Experimental studies and mathematical modelling of Inconel 600 with CVD coated TiN/TiCN/Al2O3/ZrCN inserts under dry machining Conditions PDF
Buddaraju, Krishna Mohan; Sastry, G Ravi Kiran; Kosaraju, Satyanarayana ; Saxena, Kuldeep Kumar 385-393

Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences (IJEMS)