Vol 81, No 08 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Design and Evaluation of Portable Manually Operated Spawn Spreading Machine for Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus florida) Cultivation

Shashikumar; Kumaran, G. Senthil ; Pandey, Meera ; Ramana, C. ; Edukondalu, L. ; Kumar, K. Ashok ; Shrinivasa, D J 807-813

Chemical Technology

Vapour Phase Synthesis of 2-Methylpyridine and 4-Methylpyridine Over Potassium Salts of 12-Tungstophosphoric Acid

Senapati, Rabi Narayan; Pathak, Devendra Deo; Dutta, Pashupati ; Agarwalla, Hridesh ; Sahu, Gajanan 814-820

Electronics & Telecommunication

Designing of 8-Gate Fingered GaN HEMT based Frequency Mixer with Enhanced Gain for Wide Band Communication Systems

Vishnoi, Manoj Kumar; Srikant, Satya Sai Sai 821-826

Electrical Engineering

Predictive Control of Axis Drift in Linear Motion Control Systems

Ramesh, H ; Arockia Edwin Xavier, S ; Thangapandian, P ; Anandh, N 827-836

A Parametric Test based Analysis of State Estimation Techniques under Data Uncertainties

Kishore, Pankhuri ; Datta, Stuti Shukla; Seethalekshmi, K ; Kumar, Anil 837-849

Computer Science & Information Technology

DTCWTASODCNN: DTCWT based Weighted Fusion Model for Multimodal Medical Image Quality Improvement with ASO Technique & DCNN

Singh, Vineeta ; Kaushik, Vandana Dixit 850-858

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Capital Structure Decisions and Corporate Performance: Does Firm’s Profitability Matter?

Ghardallou, Wafa 859-865

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Based Grape Fruit Cluster Detection and Yield Estimation Robot

Chauhan, Amit ; Singh, Mandeep 866-872

MICMAC Analysis of Industry 4.0 in Indian Automobile Industry

Fauzdar, Chinmay ; Gupta, Naman ; Goswami, Mohit ; Kumar, Rakesh 873-881

Parameters Influencing the Performance of a Single Needle to Plane EHD Drying Mechanism

Khan, Mohammad Saifullah ; Ahemad, Minhaj 882-892

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research