Metal oxides and its blended derivative’s coating for anti-corrosion application

Mahajan, Vandana Neelkanth; sable, Mahendra Janardan; Patil, Suhas R.


Thin film deposition by using different nanomaterials has been an efficient and reliable way for enhancing the anti-corrosive property of the materials as well as strength improvement such as hardness, conductivity and wear resistance. Various materials have been taken as substrates like mild steel, magnesium, Aluminum, Copper, Tin, Carbon steel with thin film coatings of Zn–TiO2, Ce/Co, Zn-HA/TiO2, CrN/TiN, Ni- Co have been sampled. These specimens have been studied for numerous properties like surface roughness, wear resistance, adhesion strength, microhardness, hydrophobicity etc. It has been found that the components like muffler, differential, engine chassis, exhaust system, gears do undergo corrosion due to several factors like climate change, oxidation, moisture content etc. The aim of the review has been to highlight the advances in the coatings providing anticorrosive properties to various metallic substrates used specially for mechanical and automobile industries.


Substrate, Anti-corrosion, Nanomaterials, Hydrophobicity, Muffler

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