Multi objective study in powder mixed near dry electric discharge machining by using utility concept

Sundriyal, Sanjay ; Vipin, Vipin ; Walia, Ravinderjit Singh


Powder mixed near dry electric discharge machining is an advanced hybrid form of electric discharge machining method which makes minimum use of dielectric oil and is quite sustainable in machining terms. In this article an approach has been made to optimize the variable parameters such as tool type, metallic powder concentration, dielectric mist pressure, and mist flow rate in order to study their effect along with their range in order to enhancing the machining performance in terms of increased material removal rate (MRR), improved surface finish, improved micro-hardness, reduction of residual stress and tool wear rate. Analysis of variance along with Taguchi L9 methodology was utilized for conducting experiments and it was revealed by the confirmation experiments that by this technique, the optimized results for improved material removal rate, improvement of surface finish, enhanced micro-hardness, reduced residual stress and tool wear rate were 0.63 (mg/s), 0.79 (µm), 249 (HV), 286 (MPa) and 1.07 (mg/min) respectively. The optimized values were obtained at Tool diameter (3mm), flow rate of mist (15 ml/min), concentration of metallic powder (8 gm/l) and mist pressure (0.5 MPa) of dielectric medium.


Electric discharge machining, Powder, Near dry, Material removal rate, Micro-hardness, Residual stress, Surface roughness, Tool wear rate

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