Tensile fracture behavior of high carbon high manganese steel with single-phase austenite structure

Ding, Zhimin ; Li, Jiaqi ; Feng, Rui


The microstructure, fracture morphology and tensile fracture process of high manganese steel with single-phase austenite after water toughening have been investigated by optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission election microscope (TEM). The results have shown a large number of deformation twins forming within the austenite matrix after tensile fracture, which have been parallel with and cross to each other. The fracture surface has in the shape of dimple and parallel cascade steps inside the larger size. There has been existed many Shockley partial dislocations, stacking faults and dislocation loops at twin-twin intersections. We have discovered like-microvoid accumulation fracture caused by non-second-phase particles in high manganese steel with single-phase austenite, and the reasons for its formation have been discussed in this paper.


High carbon high manganese steel, Single-phase austenite, Microvoid, Dimple

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