Influence of bearing raceway surface topography on the level of generated vibration as an example of operational heredity

Zmarzły, Paweł


In this paper, an influence of surface topography of ball rolling bearing raceways of the vibration values has been examined. Experiments have been preferment using series of bearing types 6304. Surface topography of bearing raceways has been measured using a stylus profilometer Talysurf PGI 1230. The 2D and 3D roughness and waviness parameters have been analyzed. The vibration measurements of ball rolling bearings have been carried out using a measuring device ―Anderonmeter‖. The concept of technological heredity and operational (exploitation) heredity in the aspect of production and operation of rolling bearings has been presented. Based on experimental study, an operation heredity analysis of ball bearings has been carried out. It has shown that the condition of surface texture of rolling bearing raceways directly affects the values of vibration generated by bearing units.


Roughness, Waviness, Rolling bearing, Operational heredity, Technological heredity

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