Vol 79, No 05

Table of Contents

Predictor Selection and Attack Classification using Random Forest for Intrusion Detection PDF
Ambikavathi, Chandramohan ; Srivatsa, Srinivasa Krishna 365-368

Network Driven Discovery of Dopamine, Serotonin and Glutamate Receptors as Key Players in Schizophrenia

Martha, Sushma Rani; Patri, Manorama 406-412

Optimization of Extrusion Process for Development of Nutritious Snacks using Rice and Chickpea Flour

Altaf, Uzma ; Hussain, Syed Zameer; Qadri, Tahiya ; Ishrat, Syed Aafiya; Kanojia, Varsha 430-436

Effects of Sub-lethal Lead Nitrate and Copper Sulfate Concentrations on Hematological Parameters During Long-term Exposure in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Abdel-Warith, Abdel-Wahab A; Younis, El-Sayed M; Al-Asgah, Nasser A; Abd-Elkader, Moaaz O H; Elsayed, Elsayed Ahmed 437-441
Application of the LM-trained Model for Predicting the Retardance of Citrate
Coated Ferrofluid
Lin, Jing-Fung 369-371

UV Induced Mutagenesis Elevates the Production of Laccase in Enterobacter cloacae

Deepa, T ; Gangwane, A K; Sayyed, R Z; ., Sapna ; El Enshasy, H A; Zaidel, D N A 442-448
An Integrated Image Processing Approach for Diagnosis of Groundnut Plant Leaf Disease using ANN and GLCM PDF
Gowrishankar, K ; Lakshmi Prabha, S 372-376

Combustion Analysis using Third Generation Biofuels in Diesel Engine

Sathish, T ; Singaravelu, Dinesh Kumar 449-452
A Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Individual Job Tardiness
based Objectives
Shahzad, Atif ; Gulzar, Waqar Ahmed; Shahzad, Aeysha 377-382

Investigations of Common Effluent Treatment Plant Sludge based Controlled Low-Strength Material

Kumar, B N Skanda; Shashishankar, A ; Gowda, C Chandre; Naveena, M P 453-456
A Robust Feature Extraction with Dual Fusion aided Extreme Learning for Audio–Visual Hindi Speech Recognition PDF
Sharma, Usha ; Om, Hari ; Mishra, A N 383-386

A Study on the Misallocation Effect of Capital Combination on China’s
High-tech Industry

Cao, Hui ; Chen, Chu ; Wang, Kuan 387-390

Fuzzy based Secure Data Gathering Approach for Ad hoc Sensor Networks

Samydurai, Gopinath ; Bojan, Gurumoorthy Kambatty; Dharmarajan, Bhanu 391-394

Diverse Effects of Employee Personalities in the Organization

Bakhsh, Ahmed Atef S 395-400

One Approach of Providing Quality and Reliability Programs in
Conditions of Uncertainty

Ristic, Olga ; Koprivica, Sandra Milunovic 401-405

Anti-VEGFR-2 Kinase Effects of Cyclo (Nα-dinicotinoyl)-bis-[(L-valinyl)- L-lysine] and its Anticancer Activities Against Different Cancer Cell Lines

Amr, A E; Elsayed, E A; Al-Omar, M A; El-Enshasy, H A 413-417

Design of a Low Offset, Low Noise Amplifier for Neural Recording Applications

Laskar, N M; Nath, S ; Guha, K ; Paul, P K; Baishnab, K L 418-423
Investigations on Electrochemical Micro Drilling of Nickel Alloy using
Taguchi based Grey Approach
Rajendiran, K ; Saravanan, D ; Parthiban, P ; Anandakrishnan, V 424-429

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research