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Started in 1994, it publishes papers in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, civil engineering, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, and materials science. Impact Factor of IJEMS is 0.521 (JCR 2019).

IJEMS is an international bimonthly research journal which publishes invited reviews, tutorials, short communications including the full length original articles.

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Vol 27, No 6 (2020): IJEMS- DECEMBER 2020

Table of Contents


Synthesis of high surface area activated carbon from eucalyptus bark for the removal of methylene blue PDF
Yadav, Shailesh Kumar; Subhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Dhakate, Sanjay Ranganth; Singh, Bhanu Pratap 1059-1066
Development of conductive CFRPs using PANI-P-2M thermoset polymer matrix PDF
Pati, Santwana ; Das, Sukanta ; Goto, Teruya ; Takahashi, Tatsuhiro ; Yokozeki, Tomohiro 1067-1070
Stable ensemble brightness from nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds through optimized surface composition PDF
., Sandeep ; Kumar, Ravi ; Subhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Kumar, Raj ; Dhakate, Sanjay Rangnath 1071-1079
Fabrication of biowaste derived carbon-carbon based electrodes for high-performance supercapacitor applications PDF
Mitravinda, Tadepalli ; Karthik, Mani ; Anandan, Srinivasan ; Sharma, Chandra Shekar; Rao, Tata Narasinga 1080-1090
Synthesis and (some) applications of carbon-nanotube-supported pyrolytic carbon nanocones PDF
Paredes, Germercy ; Seinea, Grégory ; Coursa, Robin ; Houdelliera, Florent ; Allouchea, Hatem ; Ondarçuhuc, Thierry ; Piazzab, Fabrice ; Monthiouxa, Marc 1091-1094
A new insight on the understanding of carbonisation and graphitisation mechanisms PDF
Puech, Pascal ; Monthioux, Marc 1095-1099
Effect of fibre orientation on mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites PDF
Subhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Chauhan, Gaurav Singh; Singh, Bhanu Pratap; Dhakate, Sanjay Rangnath 1100-1103
Fe-Ni nanoparticle-catalyzed controlled synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on CaCO3 PDF
Shivanna, Srikantaswamy ; Krishnegowda, Jagadish ; Ramesh, Abhilash Mavinakere; Gangadhar, Akshatha 1104-1111
Synthesis of carbon nanotube fiber via direct spinning for conducting wires PDF
Dariyala, Pallvi ; Arya, Abhishek Kumar; Singh, Bhanu Pratap; Dhakate, Sanjay Ranganth 1112-1117
Dielectric properties of micro-composites based on acrylic coated conducting carbon particles and silicone elastomer PDF
Singh, Ajit Shankar; Das, Vishal ; Mishra, Preeti ; Pandey, Arvind Kumar 1118-1126
Production of graphene and carbon nanotubes using low cost carbon-based raw materials and their utilization in the production of polycarbonate/ethylene methyl acrylate -based nanocomposites PDF
Sharma, Durlubh Kumar; Bagotia, Nisha 1127-1135
Effect of carbon nanotubes on the interlaminar and fracture properties of carbon fiber/epoxy composites PDF
Bedi, Harpreet Singh; Agnihotri, Prabhat Kumar 1136-1140
Synthesis and transfer of large area graphene without support layer PDF
Ghai, Viney ; Singh, Harpreet ; Agnihotri, Prabhat Kumar 1141-1144
Graphene layer number characterization using scanning kelvin probe force microscopy PDF
Toutam, Vijay Kumar 1145-1150
Effect of heat treatment on desulphurization of petroleum coke PDF
Mahur, Jagpal Singh; Chakraborty, Ranadeep 1151-1153

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